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Reader's Market

Chase TwoOwls

15 Minute Recorded Reading
15 Minute Live Reading
30 Minute Recorded Reading
30 Minute Live Reading

$15 USD

$20 USD

$25 USD

$30 USD

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Nine-Card Lenormand Spread

This reading is designed to give insight to one main subject or aspect of life and events that have proceeded it and ideas for how to follow-up in the future. The client may request a subject such as relationship, health, career, etc. 15-20min

$15 USD

Bereavement Reading

Combination of Tarot/Lenormand and Oracle cards, this reading is intended to help those who have suffered the loss of someone close to them by providing insight to the things about their relationship that they may not have realized and by offering things to consider for the future. May be 30-45 min in length

$20 USD

Grandma Style Lenormand

Features the way my Grandmother used to read the cards - this reading can seem more like a chat with cards that present themselves along the way. This reading is best for those seeking "general readings." The cards never fail to bring something to light! 20-30min

$20 USD

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We look forward to working with you!

All readings conducted are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to replace the guidance of a medical professional.

"I didn't give you much to go on and you totally got it."

"What a gift you have! I've never felt so safe in a reading space to share and heal."

"Chase has such a radiant energy. In just a few moments I felt so filled and seen. He gave me a clear tangible message that I'm taking to heart."

"Such a unique reading style, direct no filler but somehow spot on."

"This animal energy reading was such confirmation for me. Exactly what I needed."

"Love this sweet boy. Always a pleasure getting a reading from him."

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