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Free resources to add to your Tarot Toolkit



Beginning Courses

Learn Tarot basics in 3 easy courses

In introduction and dive into the Majors

Integration of the Minors and keywords

Simplifying of the Courts and exercises

Continuing Education

Never stop learning



Majoring In The Majors

Learn every layer of the Minors

Dive deep into the Court Cards

Coming Soon

Tarot Business School

Tarot Business Breakdown

Coming Soon


Cartomancy Mentorships are for those students interested in learning Cartomancy but need the direct guidance of a mentor. All sessions held are 60 minutes in length and will be tailored specifically to you, for you, to ensure you get the best experience possible. Mentorships are great for those individuals who are looking to start brand new with card divination or if you just want to take your Tarot game to the next level! All sessions purchased will come with a free consultation where we will discuss exactly what you are hoping to learn to ensure success. For further details and pricing please fill out the form below and one of the TWOOFOWLS crew will reach out as quickly as possible! We look forward to teaching you soon!

Cartomancy Mentorship Inquiry

Thank you! We will be reaching out as soon as possible!

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